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An Introduction

Hello Reader, either you have stumbled across this blog by what you may call chance, or you do or are beggining to understand that chance is merely a word to describe something that you do not know the root cause of, and therefore is thrown into the questionable category of your thinking, an ever so lingering and unanswered question abiding in the recesses of your mind. To admit that you have no idea, and cannot possibly describe anything to its full completeness, will prove if you will even understand what it is that I will be trying to convey to you in this post and surely others.

So I ask, what does chance really mean to you? Does chance come and go into your thinking, so much so that it has merely taken a back seat to your everyday actions? Or has it become a part of a plethora of questions that keeps you asking for an ever evading answer?

If you answered yes to the latter, then you are just beginning to understand the root cause of what it means to seek. To seek is if you yearn to find the answers, and if it is your aim to search for the meanings and understanding of all things or have simply searched for the related tags and seemingly stumbled your way upon this blog, then it is imperative to fathom the thought that you have not gotten here merely by chance, but rather by Laws that move man through an allusion of self discovery. So I ask again, do you believe you have gotten here by chance? What was your response to that question, and how much does everything that I had just written in the above, actually mean to you personally, sincerely?

Laws? Self discovery? Still looking for some substance? Then you have come to the right place, but be patient, and try to stay with me here.

In order to give you further perspective, allow me to share a story about a friend of mine that occurred a few days ago. I asked him if he understood what E=MC2 meant. He went on to define E=Energy, M=Mass, C=speed of light, and 2=squared. And then I asked him, but what does that mean…to YOU?  He had a look of confusion mixed with surprise, and hummed as he thought. He finally came to a conclusion after a few seconds and replied, “I don’t know.” He started to smile and nod his head up and down, looking at me with intent on seeking out the answer that has baffled his very foundational thinking. And what I mean by that, is that for that instance in his life, he instead of referring to what had come from without for the answer to my question, he instead began to look within himself as I just smiled in response to his wonderment. I brought up this example because this is what it means to really seek an answer to any question, may it be chance, E=MC2, or anything that you can fathom.

So without further delay, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey, and I am currently twenty nine years of age, and soon to be thirty, which actually brings me back to the topic of chance. I could say that I have come to this point in my life by chance, although I feel like my understanding of what we think of when we say the word, “chance” has evolved since being first introduced to it in this lifetime. What I used to think of as chance would be like needing something and then whatever it was, magically appeared in my life and everything was fine again, at least for the moment. And have you ever run into someone somewhere that you hadn’t seen or talked to in years? Was that merely by chance I wondered. And so I find myself here, writing to you by what I had presumably thought mostly to be chance, but have now come to find that there are Laws that control every aspect of the life I am living. And knowledge of these Laws changes everything.

Now to help you understand how I got to this point, allow me to go back in memory and share with you two experiences that are still powerful and moving to me even today.

I remember when I was six, and my pet gerbil Greg died. I remember having to bury him in the ground, his lifeless little body, one that was once so full of life, jumping around my hands and making me laugh with joy. I remember asking why it happened. Was it just chance that my gerbil Greg died? When I was a little older, my beloved dog Missy died, a tumor the size of a softball had grown on her belly, and the last time I saw her was when she was being driven off by the vet, sticking her large pointy head out the window, her tongue out enjoying the breeze. Even now as I write this I get a lump in my throat and tears begin to role down my eyes. I was told a few hours later that she “didn’t make it.” My sister, brother and I ran into the garage and burst into tears, holding one another as we cried. I eventually remember ending up in my room, knelt onto my bed, crying out, “WHY GOD, WHY!!!” It lasted for what seemed an hour, and my mother, whom I believe was overwhelmed with guilt, because the truth of the matter is that she couldn’t afford the surgery, had finally came to my bedside and held me until I stopped crying. She couldn’t answer the question I was asking, and I truly think at that moment in my life I had learned how to seek within, but would it stick with me through all the answers that came from without? And was it chance that this was the case? And why were all those answers from without leaving a void in me and felt incomplete?

I am going to deviate from my life story now so not to take up the entire point of the introduction of this blog. To summarize for now, my life went on with death being an ever present reality in my life in that I have experienced some relatives dying, close friends, and even going as far as seeing a celebrity that I had liked in this movie or that, had affected me in some way or another dying. And while most people are affected by death in one way or another, it is not a subject that is so openly discussed, and therefore it remains elusive. The point is I have found that most people, only in those moments when they have to deal with death, actually begin to search within for answers to the questions of life. But it is usually short lived, and they go right back to their everyday lives and mechanical like actions.  If you are asking why, then read on.

To even begin to understand why, you must first know what you are looking for. But, how do you know what you are looking for, if you do not know what IT IS? Confused yet? How do you deal with something like the previous two sentences? The reason for bringing this up, is that you will, in your search for truth, come along what are known as paradoxes. This is usually where the search ends for most, having hit a wall of sorts, falling back on what it is they think they know without giving the paradox much thought.

This falling back on what you think you know occurs whether you agree with it or not. And this occurrence does not happen by chance, but is woven into the very fabric of life itself. It is known as the Law of Octaves (clickable link). So how do we even begin to overcome a Law that is woven into the very fabric of life itself? It all starts with knowing your Self. Not just your personality(s) in this given lifetime, but the very essence of your true being, deep within you, the Being of Light (clickable link) that many encounter in Near Death Experiences. And to even begin to know your true Self, you must first realize that you are currently in the condition of mind and body that has been born into ignorance, and are that of a legion of personalities that shift effortlessly from one to the other.

So to even begin to work on oneself, one must objectively look at your own thoughts, words, and actions, challenging every single one to the point of scrutiny. So much so that it becomes a part of you that strives to observe the many parts of you that come to the surface at different points during your unconscious and somewhat conscious adventures in life. A leader must be born in you, and you must embrace that part of you that observes all of you objectively and discerns your short comings, and you will discover that part of you that challenges you, and pushes you to search yourself within and to bring what is within without in your words and actions. Does this sound like a challenge you are willing to take? If you answered yes, then consider yourself at the doorway of self discovery.


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