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A Spiritual Encounter With The One Teacher And True Prophet!!!

Where is the Truth that will Set You Free?   The question set before you this day is if you are sincerely seeking the Truth -- the Whole Truth -- and nothing but the Truth?   If you are, then you are numbered among a very select few -- so few, in fact, that you are truly a rare individual.   And what of the rest of the believing community?   The sincerity of every seeker who finds themselves guided to this article will be tested, as they encounter a fork in the road that they are presently walking. From a doctrinal perspective, the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus have long been condemned as heretics by the Church. Yet, it is a fact that their voice has been silenced -- and the Christian world has been deprived of even hearing their witness to the facts. That is, until now!!! Were the original (Jewish) followers and disciples of Jesus the heretics that they have been portrayed as? Too Jewish to comprehend the teachings of Jesus? Or were they themselves the enlightened and anointed disciples who were raised up as a witness to the Truth and TheWay? How you answer these questions will greatly impact your walk with the Lord.   In fact, how you answer these questions will greatly determine if you are a sincere seeker of Truth -- and if you are walking the path that leads to the "narrow strait gate", or the broad-way of self-destruction.

In an obscure and little used writing historically known as the Clementine Homilies and Recognitions , we can bring forth a certain quotation attributed to the Apostle Peter that confronts all modern day seekers with a spiritual reality that gives new meaning to the warning of Paul that the congregation of believers will reject the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom as utter "foolishness" (see Mystery Of The Gospel).  And this long ignored statement goes to the very core principles of the Gospel -- as seen in the words of Peter to his disciple Clement: Hence, O beloved Clement, if you would know the things pertaining to God, you have to learn them from Him alone, because He alone knows the truth.  And then Peter explained about the enigma of the scriptures: "...therefore great care is to be taken, that when the law of God is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind. For there are many sayings in the divine Scriptures which can be drawn to that sense which every one has preconceived for himself; and this ought not to be done. For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without". 

If these words are representative of what Peter truly meant, then everything that the religious world thinks it knows about Spiritual Truth, is little more than dogmatic error.   Why?   Because these words not only confirm the warning of Paul and other biblical authors that the scriptures are an allegory (see Mystery Of The Gospel) -- and that the true meaning is incomprehensible to what Paul portrayed as the "natural" mind of man -- which also means that when these words are understood in conjunction with those of Peter's in his Epistle that "But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation" (2 Peter 1:20 NASB), a totally different and spiritual meaning arises out of the Gospel that is not at all understood by the modern Christian.  In fact, these important spiritual concepts demonstrate the validity of the original Ebionite and early Church assertion that the scriptures are allegorical accounts that are designed for the instruction of entry-level believers, and that only the True Prophet (aka Son of God) can reveal to the mind of the individual disciple the true spiritual meaning of the written word of the scriptures.   And this is why Jesus commanded his disciples not to be called rabbi or teacher, because there is only One Teacher that all must seek out and learn from (see The True Prophet).   

Peter warns that the meaning of the scriptures is not open to "...one's own interpretation" -- which means that you just can't open the Bible as Christians attempt to do today, and decipher the meaning for yourself.   Peter warns that "...when the law of God is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind" -- which confirms the warning of Paul that the natural mind of man will reject the true meaning of the scriptures as "foolishness" (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   And while Christians are known to regularly hold group Bible studies -- and they consult a whole host of commentaries published by countless self-proclaimed authorities who all ignore the warning: "...For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without".   The fact that these warnings are both ignored and rejected, is the very reason why the Christian world remains totally ignorant of the true meaning of the Gospel today.   Moreover, the only reason why the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus -- as well as many of the pre-Nicene Church Authorities -- are today rejected as heretics, is because the leaders of the Church have long rejected these words which reveal a totally different religion that was in total and absolute conflict with that of the Roman Emperors who determined what doctrines Christians were permitted to believe.

What this means is not only that each person must be individually taught by the One Teacher which the early followers of Jesus portrayed as the True Prophet (see The True Prophet) -- but that the level of instruction that each believer could receive, was in accord with their own spiritual condition and wholeness -- a condition and reality presented in the parable of the Sower and the Seed -- which means that each individual is taught in relation to their own spiritual condition in relation to that condition which Jesus portrayed as their striving to become the "good ground".

Were the Ebionite Nazirenes and the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians really the heretics that they were portrayed as by that segment of the Church which called itself Orthodox?   Or, were those who portrayed themselves as being Orthodox, not the "good ground" that Jesus stated was necessary to create within the body and mind of the individual believer that condition which was called The Final Temple -- which enabled the individual disciple to fulfill the requirements of becoming the High Priest -- enabling them to enter their own inner Holy of Holies and learn directly from The True Prophet (Son of God)?

These long ignored and suppressed teachings of Peter presents a totally different perspective of the core Gospel teachings -- teachings which belong to a purely Spiritual religion that is not at all understood by the body of believers today.   Moreover, these suppressed teachings portray the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus as totally faithful to the core Gospel teachings that were not at all understood by that segment of the Church which called itself Orthodox.   But even more important is the reality that, now that the truth can be told, which choice in the fork in the road will you take?   Will you continue down what Jesus portayed as the "broad-way" of self-destruction that the great number of people follow (see GateOfEden.com)?   Or will you do as Jesus commanded and pick up your own cross and travail in TheWay?   And seek to enter the "narrow strait gate" that enters in to Life -- i.e., "...But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it" (Matt 7:13-14 NIV).

It was foretold by Jesus that those who know the truth will be hunted down and murdered in the name of the god that the people worship.   And it was foretold by Paul that the Church which calls itself Christian, will in fact worship the AntiChrist in place of God (see Church Of the AntiChrist).   And to accomplish this, that power of the left hand which is biblically portrayed as the god of this world, had to inhibit the congregation of believers from doing as Jesus commanded in becoming the "good ground" -- which spiritual condition would enable them to be taught directly by the True Prophet/Son of God.   Thus, in order to be seduced by that power of the left hand which Jesus warned would alienate even the Elect from the Truth (see Prince Of The Left Hand), the believers had to be made complacent in their seeking the Truth and the Kingdom.   First they had to be converted into the worship of Jesus, instead of the imitation of Jesus as the pattern (see TheTenWords.com).   Then they had to be programmed to believe that they were rewarded with salvation by a mere proclamation of faith with their lips -- totally apart and separate from the way they actually lived their daily lives.   And it was then an easy task to convince the body of blind believers that they would inherit salvation by virtue of their physical death when they passed from this life.

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