The Law of Octaves – an overview using music

To provide an overview of the Law of Octaves and how the example of music can be used to demonstrate that our perceptions are often inaccurate (e.g.,“there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is … Continue reading


Applying Country Music to TheWay – part 3

  This post is continuing an earlier discussion of learning to like what I don’t like, and as part of that applying Country Music to TheWay (link), all as part of a greater plan to bolster family togetherness through song, learning to apply concepts such as self-observation, triangulation, etc. Also, though this is not really […]


Applying Country Music to TheWay part 2

In a previous article I mentioned applying Country Music to TheWay. This article is a continuance of the concepts began in that article, that is, it falls under the umbrella of learning to like what I don’t like while exploring other concepts. I’m using the Texgesis of Country Music as a Way to use my […]


Applying Country Music to TheWay?

This is an introspective post about some “ahah” moments I’ve had recently, and some tools one may be able to employ as part of seeking knowledge of the self, with the ultimate goal of finding God. The self that calls it self, Shohn – the author of this post, has things that it likes, and […]


Survival Preparations

  Some Survival Techniques and lessons learned the hard way: Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel I have decided to post links to sites that contain helpful information for various survival circumstances. I will also list some products that … Continue reading


all these things

all these things, are they plain?

weighing down so on your brain

all the things you ‘think’ you know?

forever with you wherever you go


Working with the Body’s Energy System – First T ...

The body has an “energy system” which can be worked with.  Working with  the body’s energy system is important because the more one works with this energy system, the greater one’s abilities are in certain areas. The following topics walks through my first exposures to working with the body’s energy system in a group and […]


Letter to the Doomsday Prophets

I recently wrote a letter to the doomsday prophets over at Family Radio in response to the following article: ( regarding their proposed date of May 21, 2011 marking the end of the world. The below is the contents of the message I sent:   Greetings and Shalom Family Radio and Harold Camping where ever […]


An Introduction

Hello Reader, either you have stumbled across this blog by what you may call chance, or you do or are beggining to understand that chance is merely a word to describe something that you do not know the root cause of, and therefore is thrown into the questionable category of your thinking, an ever so […]


Clement on Receiving Divine Mysteries

“The Lord… allowed us to communicate those Divine Mysteries, and of that holy light, to those who are able to receive them. He did not certainly disclose to the many what did not belong to the many; but to the few to whom He knew that they belonged, who were capable of receiving and being […]