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The Logos — Is It Jesus?

The below is a reply to the preceding articles on the Christian Lie that Jesus is God.  The full series of letters can be found at this link (The Logos And The Christian Lie). Shalom Marie:Again, you don’t understand the difference between the ind…


The Lie Of Christianity – That Yeshua/Jesus w ...

Is Jesus God?  In the below I reply to someone who calls himself StudyHisWord with respect to many bible arguments that he supplied to prove the doctrine that Jesus is God.   These scriptural quotations can be read at the lower portion of his…


Separation Of Church & State – School Cho ...

The appeal on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of a German family who were granted asylum status because of the persecution of Christian Homeschoolers, once again demonstrates that total breakdown of the Church to represent fun…


Reply: Peter Heck – The South Is Rising Again

The below is a reply to The Peter Heck Show article entitled The South Is Rising Again, — and in the same way that the Secular Progressives are misleading the American People through suppresssion of the facts and a politically motivated revisionist history, this cultural war against our God-Given Constitutional Rights has been made possible ONLY, because of a previous political war within the Christianity that has spiritually flat-lined the Church. Paul warned that the warfare is not of the flesh, but is being waged in spiritual places — and the current conflict is merely the continuation of that war within the Church that has been waged since the fourth century. Of Paul’s prediction that Satan would one day rule over the Church it has been stated: “[Who opposeth and exalteth] He stands against and exalts himself above all divine authority, and above every object of adoration, and every institution, relative to divine worship, sebasma, himself being the source, whence must originate all the doctrines of religion, and all its rites and ceremonies; so that sitting in the temple of God — having the highest place and authority in the Christian church, he acts as God — taking upon himself God’s titles and attributes, and arrogating to himself the authority that belongs to the Most High” (from the Adam Clarke Commentary). Thus, Christian clergy and broadcasters such as Peter Heck have not only suppressed and concealed the facts from the congregation of believers — but in so doing, have made themselves the predicted “ministers of Satan” who would lead the congregation of believes in the wrong direction. And while the facts are available, these facts remain ignored and condemned as heresy by the complacent Christian world who remains intoxicated on the paganism of Rome. But the true attroscity that will confront the modern believer in the future, will be seen in the fact that, while they were free to ignore the facts in this life, they will be held accountable for their complacency and apostasy in the life that is to come.
Shalom Peter Heck:
Your column entitled The South Is Rising Again was passed on to me by someone who lives in your area. And it just so happens that we have had a number of conversations on the role of the south in the coming tribulations that will envelop our nation. But the great looming question will be: Will Christians embrace their First Principles in the manner of the Tea Party’ers, and bring about the necessary healing through restoral in this time where the Church itself is being threatened with extinction? As a Christian broadcaster, are you truly prepared to examine the facts? And make other Christians aware of these facts?
Every day on his television show Glenn Beck explores and teaches the listeners about the wisdom and great insight of the founding fathers of our Constitutional form of government. He demonstrates how the present movement of Social Progressives have attempted to rewrite history, suppress the facts and the failings of Marxism and the destructive wake of the Progressive movement. It has often been stated that the destruction of the United Stated can only come from within — and all Americans of vision have recognized that this destruction is now at our doorstep.
The wisdom of Glenn Beck proclaims that our Constitutional founding fathers foresaw the tyranny of big government, and they did everything in their power to obstruct the corrupting force of the elitists who use government for their own ends in the rule over and subjugation of the people. And they also recognized that in the past, these same elitists used the power of religion as a means to maintain absolute rulership over the people. By controlling religion, the elitists in effect, controlled the people’s belief in their God — and to oppose the state, was to in effect oppose God — which carried with it the penalty of eternal hellfire. Historians have long warned that the Roman takeover of the Church in the fourth century was not a conversion to the religion of Jesus — but the conversion of Jesus into the paganism of Rome. And to this end, this paganization of the Church was predicted by Paul (see Church Of The AntiChrist).
In the same way that modern Secular Progressives have alienated the American People via revisionist history, suppression of the facts, and a propaganda campaign that has enlisted every aspect of our hedonist culture in the mind-programming of the people, there is a move afoot to even portray traditional Christians and Churches as being self-imposed radicals — referred to by one cultural icon as the Christian Taliban. And the Secular Progressives have prepared themselves for this inner conflict and war for a very long time, have now armed themselves with Marxists clergy who use the spiritual ignorance of the people as a springboard to promote their leftist agenda (see Jim Wallis – Has This Man Sold Your Soul To The Devil? The Rev. Wallis has portrayed the traditional Churches as being a thing of the past, and has taught young Evangelical Christians that the sincere believer is on the side of government social programs. As a 60’s leftist radical, the Rev. Wallis is teaching young college kids that our present state of war is the result of the arrogance of traditional and conservative Americans.
These words are coming to pass in our own time: “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” — Nikita S. Khrushchev And yet, this present conflict of elitists waging war with God-Given Rights, fueled by mainline congregations of complacent Christians, is the result of a much older conflict that Glenn Beck does not appear to know anything about. And in the same way that Mao Zedong taught that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, the modern Church which has become a tool of the Secular Progressives, was long ago conquered by the elitists and secular leaders who used the power of religion to control the people (see Was Jesus God?). In the first century the Gentile Church resisted the doctrines, mindset and lifestyle of Pagan Rome. Yet, incrementally, step by step, in the fourth century a segment of the Church had been fully converted to the worship of the sun-god which they now called Jesus. And with the covenant with the Pagan Emperor Constantine, Rome’s armies were dispatched to murder all who refused to accept the religion of the Emperor (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus). Thereafter, the New Testament was further corrupted in order to make it support the doctrines of Pagan Rome (see http://BibleCorruption.com ).
In a recent Christianity Today interview with Brian Mclaren where he pointed out that “One of the problems is that the average Christian in the average church who listens to the average Christian broadcasting has such an oversimplified understanding of both the Bible and of church history – it would be deeply disturbing for them to really learn about church history.” The facts of the matter are that because the leadership within the Church has done everything in their power to suppress and conceal the truth of history from the congregations — and they are so accustomed to seeing what is left of the scriptures through the filter of their doctrines of belief — that they have no clue that they have virtually nothing in common with what Jesus actually taught.
A Holistic healer understands that all disease is the result of an imbalance in the body — and the symptoms are most often merely the effect of that imbalance. The disease that is threatening our nation today is the failure and total breakdown of the Church. And while the Church remains in denial (see The Truth And TheWay), this denial promotes the complacency that has engulfed the Church in the abyss of ignorance. While the article Shouldn’t The Truth Be Told? was written for another group of Christians, it is relevant to all the Christians. What we have here is a case of a seemingly religious people who simply refuse to remove the beam from their own eyes, while blaming those with splinters for their inability to see clearly. If Christians followed Yeshua, instead of the Pagan Jesus-god of Constantine, Martin Luther and the modern Church, then the American people would not be in this ;position of loosing their God-Given Rights in our present time.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus