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Separation Of Church & State – School Choice – And The Practice Of Religion

The appeal on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of a German family who were granted asylum status because of the persecution of Christian Homeschoolers, once again demonstrates that total breakdown of the Church to represent fundamental Gospel teachings and lifestyle that is necessary in the practice of religion. Quoting the WorldNetDaily.com article by Bob Unruh entitled Feds: Deport Homeschoolers Who Could Face Persecution -- adding that the "Agency (ICE) seeks a European precednt applied in the Tennessee case", the statement that should gravely disturb every American is that:"ICE argued that the U.S. government simply could ban all homeschooling – and that should disqualify the granting of asylum." And while this statement is true, the only reason that it is true is because of the spiritual complacency of the Church which has basically accepted the government and secular interpretation of religion.

In view of the fact that I am not going to explore the denial of human rights that is set forth in the article by Bob Unruh, I suggest that the article itself should be read at the above link. That big government which was made unlawful by our Constitutional framers, is always a perpetual threat to the most essential of human rights, is well represented in the words of that modern-day philosopher Walter Williams where he insightfully warned: "...The normal state for the ordinary person is tyranny, arbitrary control and abuse mainly by their own government". That modern American's have lost sight of this essential truth, only means that they are destined to again live it.

That the Church has adopted a secular interpretation of religion, is representative of one of their most grievous of betrayals of Messiah/Christ. In their rejection of the very words spoken by God to mankind (see The Ten Words), Proof that the Ebionite Nazirene disciples and followers of Jesus who walked with him daily, were correct that he was a man who became that Anointed (Messiah/Christ) by fulfilling the Law within himself -- and this fact is confirmed in the original Gospel accounts -- is proven beyond even a shadow of doubt (see Was Jesus God?). Proof that the manmade dogma of the Church and the doctrine of salvation and the perpetual forgiveness of sins, are openly rejected in the New Testament (see Ann Coulter - The Fine Print), is again proven beyond all question.

While the secular mindset does not at all understand the difference between philosophy and religion, the fact that the Church has bought into the secular definition, is representative of spiritual apostasy. Where philosophy is a system of beliefs based upon what an individual or group holds as factual -- and this system of beliefs can be founded upon feelings, conjecture, assumptions or something that a person has faith in -- religion is the lifestyle and mindset that one embraces, in order to prove their philosophical beliefs. The original teachings of Jesus which are demonstrated in the Gospels, are representative of a truly spiritual religion where the seeker/disciple is able to open what Jesus portrayed as the inner "narrow/strait gate", and learn directly from the Son of God (see Seeking The True Prophet) the reality of all mysteries that were beyond the comprehension of those who Paul portrayed as the Christians of the simple faith (see Mystery). And this fulfillment of the primary Gospel objectives is impossible for a child who is subject to the ungodly environment of government public schools. The facts are stated in a recent letter to the North Carolinians for Home Education (see God's Indictment Of The Church): '"...the government schools are killing our children morally, spiritually and academically. The question we confront as Christian parents is, how dead do we want our children to be?'" 'God gives the responsibility of children to the parents, not to the government, and parents should be taking responsibility..."

From a Constitutional perspective the practice of religion that is protected by the First Amendment is the lifestyle and mindset of the child. If the Church would acknowledge this fact, and release themselves from the shackles of a secular interpretation of religion, the leftist Secular Progressive agenda would be stopped dead in its tracks. Jesus taught that there is One Teacher -- and his disciples and followers are commanded to seek out and learn only from this One Teacher (see True Prophet). Yet, the fulfillment of this commandment of Jesus is near impossible for a child who has been educated in the secular public school environment of today. And thus, the words of Jesus to those who permit the "little ones" to be defiled by the pseudo-teachers of this world: “But why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46 NKJ). If Christians were truly faithful to the teachings of the Gospels, they would not give their children over to Caesar to be defiled and corrupted. They would cease to embrace a secular definition of religion -- and maintain that the First Amendment practice of religion is the mindset and lifestyle of the child. And they would demand School Choice -- and never permit a case to be set before the court that "ICE argued that the U.S. government simply could ban all homeschooling – and that should disqualify the granting of asylum."

Brother Of Yeshua


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