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Ten Minutes To Truth – Can You Afford To Remain Spiritually Stagnant?

The statement of fact made on the Christian Reincarnation web site is that if a person takes just 10 minutes of their time to read what is presented therein, that they will have no other alternative than to recognize the grave error that is preached in the name of Jesus today.   In fact, in assessing one of the key biblical teachings that has totally alienated the modern Christian world from the core objectives of the Gospel teachings, the Adam Clark Biblical Commentary stated that if these corrupted teachings were in fact true, that "...the whole Christian system is vain and baseless".   Which confronts each person with the life-defining question as to whether they desire truth while they are still in a position to reverse and rectify past error, or are they willing to find out after they pass from this life, that their faith and dedication was in the doctrines and traditions of Pagan Rome?  

While the teachings of Jesus and TheWay are true, most Church doctrine is based upon the dogma of Pagan Rome when it was institutionalized under the control of Roman Emperors.   And while many Christians naively are under the grave misconception that the pagan influences were removed at the time of the Reformation -- and that, they have their Bibles as the sole Word of God -- it is easily proven that the text was corrupted (see Bible Corruption), and the Church under the ruler-ship of Pagan Rome has thrown away the Key of Knowledge that was the reason why Jesus portrayed the Pharisees as blind guides.  That it can be demonstrated that the Christians are incapable of understanding and interpreting crucial Gospel teachings and concepts, is easily proven within the ten minute time-frame noted above.

Christians have permitted themselves to become spiritually disenfranchised to the degree that they have been robbed of their birthright, and alienated from essential core Gospel teachings and concepts.   They no longer understand Jesus' words that the Kingdom is within them (see Gate Of Eden), and that they have the innate ability to enter in at the "strait and narrow gate", and return to the Edenic Kingdom from which they originated.   That they fail to remember their own more distant past in the present, is because they dwell in what Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness).    

The claim is that if you take ten minutes of your time and read the main article on the Christian Reincarnation web site, that you will be moved to reconsider many of the beliefs about life that you presently hold -- beliefs that make you spiritually complacent -- beliefs that enslave you to a mindset of spiritual failure.    To remain ignorant of the facts, is to perpetuate complacency -- and as it warns in the Revelation, lukewarm complacency is a greater sin than being wrong, but seeking the Truth.  Lukewarm complacency engenders stagnation -- and stagnation engenders spiritual death.

Brother of Yeshua

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