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Rolling Stone Invokes Judgment Against Left & MoveOn.org

It is virtually impossible to convey to modern man anything about the Laws (of God) that not only controls every experience of life in this world -- but also the development process of every individual person in this world.  Unlike most knowledge sources, the web site DivineStrategery.com warns that God fools mankind -- actually inhibiting man from knowing the Truth.   And those common preachers of quasi-religious dogma who tell you that God wants you to know the truth, are very much the proverbial wolves in sheep's attire.   Why?   Because its a matter of Divine Strategery.   The world is immersed in utter confusion and what appears to be mental and spiritual chaos, because only the few who have earned the right to know the Truth, are the few who actually know the Truth.

In what is known as the parable of the Prodigal Son, we are presently dwelling in God's School House for his prodigal sons and daughters -- and it is here, in what is portrayed as the Far Country, that we will remain until be commence to initiate the journey Home to the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father-God.   It is impossible for the modern clergy in the Churches to understand this parable, because what Paul portrayed as the god of this world has suppressed their memory of the countless lives that their soul has previously lived, and this important teaching was removed from Church doctrine by a ruthless Roman Emperor (see ChristianReincarnation.org ).   Moreover, the god of this world is able to keep the people imprisoned in the abyss of self and spiritual ignorance, because the people possess absolutely no understanding of the Laws that control all events and experiences of the people in this realm (see The Laws).   While Jesus warned of a type of prison (see The Prison) -- few people understand that they dwell in a prison type environment -- and fewer yet understand how to get out of the prison (see Getting Of Of The Prison).    So it can be said that they are in fact imprisoned by their own self-imposed ignorance.

Once The Laws are understood, it can be realized that mankind is very much imprisoned by his own actions and judgments towards others -- and, as Jesus warns, this imprisonment continues until the debts incurred are paid back, and the debts of the Laws are satisfied.   And perhaps the cruelest of all realities is seen in the fact that our religious, political and cultural leaders, are often the facilitators of their follower's imprisonment -- leading the people into conditions of suffering and despair.    The bottom line is seen in the fact that we permit ourselves to become imprisoned by the debts of our own judgments and actions towards our fellow man.   And in this respect, the magazine Rolling Stone invoked a grave disservice on their own leftist brothers and sisters.   By orchestrating the demise of Gen Stanley McCrystal, which brought about the appointment of Gen. David Petraeus, Laws were invoked which presented a certain group of people with tests.   And this brings to light one of the problems with our culture -- i.e., because the secular progressive left basically reject all standards -- and are therefore even more inept at understanding the ramifications of The Laws than their right leaning brothers and sisters -- they are simply ill prepared to understand the results of the changing of the guard that Rolling Stone brought about.    For years moveon.org has had their infamous New York Times Petraeus ad on their web site -- and with the appointment of Petraeus by Pres. Obama, the ad was immediately removed from the moveon.org web site.   If they had left the ad, and continued their protest against the war -- even when the war is being waged by a secular progressive president -- then they would not have invoked The Laws to the degree that they have.   But in removing the ad, they demonstrated their extreme biasness.

One of the primary tests of life in this, God's School House for his prodigal sons and daughters, is the use of what the scriptures portray as even weights in one's judgments and positions.   Do we express the same judgments with our friends, as we do with our adversaries?   Or those who are politically and/or dogmatically aligned with us?    Which means that the reality of life portrayed on DivineStrategery.com is correct, and the prodigal sons and daughters are in every way obstructed from knowing the higher realities of life, in order to subject them to the tests of Wholeness and Perfection.

If the people behind moveon.org understood The Laws -- or they were truly against war -- then they would have left the ad condemning Gen. Petraeus as a Betrayer on line on their web site.   But the fact that they quickly removed the ad once Gen. Petraeus was appointed by Barack Obama instead of George Bush, has the effect of causing them to fail important tests which invoked The Laws against them.   Thereby destining themselves and their legion of followers to repeat this encounter with The Laws over, and over, and over again, until which time they are able to pass the tests of life -- and these tests are determined by the use of even weights in one's actions and judgments.

When the historical man Jesus taught about life and what is known as the Sermon on the Mount, he was not speaking from either a religious or philosophical perspective -- making reference to The Prison and what he portrayed as the Outer Darkness of mind and being -- but rather, he was observing and speaking from the perspective of the effect of the Laws of this world upon the people.    If Jesus had spoken on the law of gravity and Newton's laws of motion and physics, what Jesus taught would be taught in school today.   Yet, blind skeptics ignorantly reject what Jesus taught on  The Laws that he and anyone else who acquires and develops the ability to escape the illusions of Plato's Cave, are able to perceive the reality of, as these Laws effect organic man.   That counterfeit shepherds dressed in priest garb dogmatized these teachings on the effects of  The Laws on all of mankind -- Laws that are in effect, as sure as the law of gravity -- pseudo-intellectuals reject this great wisdom and knowledge that Jesus taught.   And to their own demise they remain totally ignorant as to the cause of all of man's experiences in this life.

Once the reality of this world is understood for what it truly is, it is very much God's School House for his prodigal sons and daughters -- and, if we had the answer-keys to the tests that we are presented, then the whole of the learning environment would be rendered worthless as presented at DivineStrategery.com .    Therefore, only those who successfully pass the tests of life, are provided insight into the nature and purpose of the experiences and tests that life presents to us.   While the historical Jesus possessed this knowledge, as well as his disciples and others throughout man's past, the majority of people become imprisoned by the very Laws that they reject the knowledge of.   Thus, when rightly understood, the experiences of each person throughout their lives, are truly each person's Chickens Coming Home To Roost.   But since most people do not act independently of a group, most remain imprisoned within what is called the Secondary Effect Of The Laws.    And as we look out and observe the sufferings that man's abject ignorance of the Laws impose upon him, we can truly get a sense of Jesus' warning that the plight of mankind who are cast out into what Jesus portrayed as the Outer Darkness, -- and the reality portrayed in the words of those who are cast into "...the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Matt 25:28-30 NKJ).             

Brother Of Yeshua

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