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The Christian Satanic Prayer Of Profound Ignorance

I recently got spammed by a group that calls themselves the Christian Prayer Book Store, which is representative of the profound ignorance of the faith-based Christian world as presented in my previous article entitled The Gospel Of Paul.    The prayer written by Donovan Brown and entitled Where Are You Lord?, reads: Why Lord? Why have you allowed these troubles to come upon me and my family? I have been obedient and faithful to your word; and I have always tried to do what is right to please you. So why Lord? Why have you allowed these burdens to come upon us your people? Where is your love and faithfulness to us now Lord? Where is your mercy and your hand of kindness? Why have you not come to our rescue? You have allowed those who deny you to prosper and live in good health. I feel as though you have abandoned and betrayed us. I am angry at you Lord, I am angry truly at you. I feel and it would also seem as if you have lied to me. But I will not allow my anger or my feelings to govern me and cause me to contradict what I believe to be true about you. Jesus you are my God and I love you and I know and believe that you love me and my whole family; even though we are suffering. You have not abandoned us Lord, you are faithful. Even though hardship has gripped upon us, I will not deny you. You are real to me. Jesus, you are mine and I am yours forever. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Thus, to the true seeker, the above prayer invokes a number of really important questions.   What if the original Ebionite Nazirene and Spiritual Christians were correct in their assertion that Jesus was not the Trinitarian god of the Roman empire?   But he was instead a man who prevailed against the Laws, and became One with God (see The Christian Lie).    And while it is easily proven that the Pagan Church of Rome changed the very words spoken by God to mankind in the Gospels (see The Ten Words), the Church continues to reject the truth, even when all their doctrines are proven counterfeit using the Bible (see The Fine Print).   Yet, the Church not only rejects the knowledge of the Truth and continues to promote the censorship of the very Words of God, but they question in the above prayer as to why God makes those who reject the manmade dogma of the Church, successful in life?   Further, the above prayer questions why God does not support the great lie of the Church, and suggests that God should bring misfortune upon those who reject these manmade doctrines that are easily proven to be corruptions of the original Gospel teachings.  

There is an important statement in the Gospels that few Christians comprehend -- i.e., "To whom much has been given, much more will be required".   While rejecting the most important Gospel teachings  (see The Fine Print), the above prayer to Jesus who taught that he is their brother -- and rejected even the title "good" -- questions why those who reject the dogma of Pagan Rome are permitted to achieve success -- when those who have been given much in the form of the Gospel teachings, not only reject the words of God spoken to mankind (see The Ten Words), but continue to promote the doctrines of men and reject the very spiritual essence of the Gospel.   If, then, the Church has been given much, and yet continues to be unfaithful to the blessings of the Gospel that they have received, then how can they not only find fault -- but even question -- why others who have not received the Gospel message, are provided with greater success?

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus 

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