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An Esoteric Reality – A Reply: Why Mom’s Cheat On Mother’s Day

Shalom Seekers:

With respect to the MomLogic.com article entitled: Why Moms Cheat On Their Man The Day After Mother's Day , one of the things that I observed in the Evangelical Church that my wife and daughter Crystal used to attend, was the fact that many of the marriages were often a sham. When I originally authored the article The Divine Marriage, I was confronted by hostile Feminists who were appalled by the idea that there was a spiritual reality to marriage that our modern culture is ignorant of. In answer to many of their cultural positions which they attempted to promote, I then authored the article Lilith, The Demonic Reality Of The Modern Feminist Movement . But in time I realized that there was yet a great void in these two articles that I had yet to completely present to seekers of the esoteric knowledge of the Laws and the higher reality of man and woman. In the same way that I once got thrown off of a Kabbalah forum when I stated to them that the Torah -- and thus, the esoteric branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah which people such as Madonna are students of, when rightly understood is nothing more than a spiritual marriage manual, this insight into the very essence of Spiritual Judaism was very quickly rejected. And to even suggest that in his teachings, Jesus elevated the importance of woman as a necessary aspect of achieving spiritual birth, is rejected as Gnostic heresy by the traditional Churches.

In the article The Three Lies I not only delved into the paramount untruths of the three major western religions, but I used the findings of modern quantum physics to prove the many esoteric spiritual concepts and realities that I presented (see Science Proves Religion). And an important part of the equation with respect to fulfilling the required threefold birth that Jesus and others warned was necessary, was the reality that man and woman is very much exactly what the following subheading states -- i.e., The Cosmic Ovum And Sperm . And when it is realized that Jesus held marriage in such high esteem, that he warned that a man who merely looks upon a woman with lust for her, has already committed adultery (see The Womb Of Mother Earth - Man And Woman - Transformation And Rebirth), the true spiritual dimensions of marriage is simply beyond the understanding of modern mankind. Thus, what this means is that there is a higher purpose and reality to sex and marriage than what either the leaders of traditional religion or the pseudo-intellectuals have understood. And what is truly sad is the fact that our culture has engendered an environment of profound sexual and self ignorance that has in most instances rendered the people mentally and spiritually sterile. And while some would immediately embrace the idea of spiritual sterility, few would be able to grasp the reality of mental sterility, because as a man or a woman, they think of themselves as a whole being -- possessing absolutely no concept of the higher reality of the soul that is their true self that is not incarnate in the body, and is neither male nor female. Sadly, counterfeit religious leaders as well as pseudo-intellectuals have robbed mankind of the knowledge of his own true self -- and a reality of life that is beyond even his imagination. And thus, the words of Jesus in the long ignored Gospel of Thomas that few people possess any understanding of: "But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty... Whoever finds himself is superior to the world". If it is true that our true self -- i.e., our higher soul-self -- is neither male nor female -- and is representative of a higher reality that few males or females can even envision in their present state of culturized mind -- then it is the ignorance of the true mental and spiritual dynamics of the marriage relationship, that is representative of a profound cultural abomination of our modern-day society. And from this higher spiritual perspective, the validity of the marriage should have been one of the primary concerns in the Evangelical community. Where traditional religion views sex and marriage as a means to populate the earth, the reality that the proper and balanced interaction of opposites -- and especially opposite genders -- within the environment of a Spiritually Ordained Union -- is the very environment that fosters the necessary expansion of mind beyond organic physical limitations -- and opens the door to a higher spiritual reality that few religious leaders can even begin to grasp -- is representative of a great void that robs both man and woman -- husband and wife -- of the very Destiny they seek. Thus, I find the below article in MomLogic to be of a primary importance to those who seek a greater understanding of both self, and the life they are living.

Brother Of Yeshua

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