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Conversations About Race – Letter To Crystal Wright @ Conservative Black Chick

There is an answer to the enigma of race, and the resolution to racial disharmony can only be brought about when the higher reason and purpose of race is understood within the context of the Divine Design of Creation.  Having recently listened to you on FoxNews, you seem to be a well-meaning and intelligent woman.   So much so, that I am sending out your web-link ( http://conservativeblackchick.com/ ) to the membership of the world-wide Nazirene Ebionite Forum, in the hope that others will take your wisdom to heart with respect to the essence of bringing about improved race-relations.  But to this end, racial strife will continue to exist, until racial ignorance is eradicated, which can only be accomplished when all of mankind begins to understand the higher purpose of race as presented in the article Racial Ignorance - Interracial Soul-Attachments.   And might I also point out to you that it has not even dawned upon the vast majority of men, that race does have an important place in the higher development of the soul and the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Two of the core members of the Nazirene Ebionite Forum are black men of great wisdom and knowing who you would benefit greatly by talking to.   Our culture is presently at a loss to understand the higher purpose of race -- or that race even has a higher purpose -- because this important knowledge was thrown away when Christianity was forcefully abducted for purely political reasons by the Emperors of Pagan Rome, and thereafter the Church had no other recourse than to embrace what can best be portrayed as the man-made dogma of Roman Emperors (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors).    And it is for this reason that modern biblical scholars have recognized the fact that the modern-day dogma of the Church has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings that were presented to mankind by the historical man Jesus (see The Source Of The Gospel) -- a true holy man who lived as my brother in that time-frame (see http://BrotherOfYeshua.com).   And while the original teachings and spiritual objectives of the Gospel are true and represent the highest order of Wisdom presented to mankind, it is the dogma of Pagan Rome that causes the Congregation of faith-based believers to improperly apply these teachings in their daily lives -- constraining their religious experience to remain spiritually impotent.  

Recently, voices of reason such as that of Bill O'Reilly have called for a realistic conversation on the true problem with respect to race relations.   Yet, it is my position that the enigma of race can never be resolved, until the people first begin to understand the higher purpose of race in the life-experiences of mankind.   And in this respect, the two black men of wisdom who I have noted above, can convey to you the many lifetimes that they have lived as members of every race, as well as the purpose that race played in the experiences of each of these lifetimes.   Therefore, I would really like for you to speak to these men of wisdom so that you will gain greater insight into the positive attributes that each race brings to the human experience.  They said that you can contact them -- i.e., Ra and Jeff (email addresses removed).

If it is true that one's race and gender is specific to one's present life -- that each person has lived as every race and both genders in many such previous lifetimes as they are living in the present -- and that race (and gender) provides access to specific areas of the soul that is necessary for the development of those areas of mind and being in the endeavor to become Whole and Complete -- then societies whole understanding of the meaning and purpose of race would have to be totally re-evaluated.   And in like manner, if it is true that in the development of the soul that each of us becomes what we unfairly judge and and persecute -- and that the present race-merchants are in reality opposing what they have themselves been in their more distant past (see One's Chickens Come Home To Roost)-- then the whole gamut of racial strife and struggle that is presently being fueled by a class of activist race-merchants who for their own interests and positions of power promote racism as an institution, would have to be totally re-evaluated.    

GodSpeed in TheWay,

Allan Cronshaw
PO Box 780
Graham, NC 27253


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