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Doomsday Prophets – Insanity – Servants Of The AntiChrist

While Doomsday prophets proclaim that they are promoting the Word of God in their End Times predictions, what they are in effect serving is the AntiChrist.   One of the definitions of insanity is of course doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  And the Doomsday prophets have in every generation for the past 2000 years predicted the End Times -- getting rich off the collection plates and powerful off the fear they promote.   But even worse than this pulpit fraud and misrepresentation of the Gospel message, is the fact that they empower the skeptic, resulting in the complete dismissal of not only religion, but the very existence of God.   If God is the creator of man, then the Church is the creator of the Atheists.

Pseudo-biblical scholar Harold Camping (see Biblical Scholar's Date For Rapture ) and Family Radio have been promoting what they portray as this fraud that has been perpetrated -- and after previous failures, it is now claimed that there is a biblical guarantee that the End Times and Judgment Day will finely arrive on May 21st, 2011.  And to add to the insanity, the group http://WeCanKnow.com and www.eBibleFellowship.com have joined in the delusional fraud.   And when this day, like the countless before it, comes and goes, it will merely represent more fuel on the fire that the scriptures are worthless -- and that God, if He ever existed, is indeed dead.  

Why are those who appear to champion the scriptures in most instances seen as being the most ignorant of what these same scriptures mean?   The answer is simple: Those in the past who empowered themselves through fear-mongering, were the very servants of the AntiChrist who hunted down the true Spiritual Christians in order to silence them.   Lets face it, by agitating the emotions of the people, great wealth and political power can be attained -- and religion is one of the leading factors in controlling people through fear. Thus, in the same way that despotic leaders call their nations the "People's Republic of...." -- pseudo-clergy and tyrannical rulers have traditionally used religion to both get rich, and rule over the people through fear.   

In my recent article entitled Do Conservatives Desire Truth? Historical Facts?   There is a letter to Thomas S. Winter who is the Editor In Chief of Human Events, where I raise and present these questions regarding his article How To Annoy An Atheist.    As I point out, the blind-faith believers empower the skeptic and Atheist who oppose them, with often reasonable facts and truths that remain ignored by the Church today.   And since it is the God-Given gift of Reason that separates man from the beasts of the earth, the fact that the faith-based community of believers not only have no rational answers -- but promote a never ending army of Doomsday Prophets who have been wrong 100% of the time -- has been sufficient to make most people who exercise their God-Given gift of Reason to reject both the scriptures and religion as a hoax and a fraud.   And thus, it is the Churches of blind-faith in the dogma of men who are in fact the servants of the AntiChrist, and apostates to the Gospels.

In answer to men of reason: There was a time when charlatans who portrayed themselves as priests and clergy, were in a position of total secular power and control.     The pseudo-clergy and their secular authorities who empowered them, defined what was acceptable to believe -- and whoever opposed them, was hunted down and murdered in some of the most horrendous ways devised by the most diabolical examples of an intellectually challenged mind.   And in view of the fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely, these charlatans who masqueraded as priests and clergy sought to perpetually silence the true spiritual shepherds who sought to free the people of their shackles of ignorance and superstition.   And this proverbial conflict between what the Essenes portrayed as the Sons of Light and the sons of darkness has existed since the dawn of time itself.   The historical man Jesus was murdered by these charlatans, in much the same way that the biblical authors point out that the modern clergy promote the latter-day crucifixion of Messiah/Christ (see The Lie) in their apostasy to the original gospel message.   And like the wizard's of OZ who stand behind the curtains of deception in order to fool the gullible and naive, they preach the gospel of irrationality to congregations of blind-faith believers who have been intoxicated with the kool-aid of fraud and seduced into ignoring all rational truth and facts.     And thus, the question remains, will a modern form of the Deists who framed our Constitution (see Deist) and brought about an end to the unchecked power of secularized religion, emerge in our present time to put an end to the idea that God wants man to reject the use of his gift of reason, as well as truth and facts.    

In my recent article, Letter To An Atheist - Truth Interrupted, I demonstrate that the critics of blind-faith have in like manner also ignored both the facts and the gift of reason in their own opposition to the Church.   During WWII various codes were developed that enabled communications to be made right under the nose of the enemy.   And when the art of war is understood, such systems have always been in use throughout all the conflicts of man.   But when it is realized that war is not always fought with weapons -- and when it is recognized that those who the Essenes portrayed as the sons of darkness have always worked with the secular governments of this world to suppress the wisdom and knowledge of the Sons of Light, then truly rational and intelligent people must begin to recognize that the scriptures are written in a code that both preserves and conceals the Truth from the perception and understanding of the charlatan clergy and despot rulers who have perpetually hunted them down as heretics -- i.e., enemies of both church and state.     Only when we begin to entertain this rational insight, can it be understood that what the Doomsday Prophets such as Harold Camping have done, is promote the coded text without understanding the true spiritual meaning of the scriptures.

In my article  Letter To An Atheist - Truth Interrupted, I make reference to the most important article drawn from the account of an eye witness as to the manner in which the coded text of the scriptures are composed so as to fool the enemy (see An Inconvenient Truth).   In this article I explain that the massive number of inconsistencies and errors in the scriptures were intentionally inserted into the text, in order to make the intelligent reader seek out the code that reveals the true spiritual meaning that lies concealed beneath the written text which Paul correctly portrayed as the "letter that killeth" (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   And that the code which Jesus referred to as the Key of Knowledge, was necessary to apply to the scriptures in order to ascertain the true meaning which could not be literally written.   I point out that the Church Father Origen portrayed those who throw away the Key of Knowledge to be idiots -- other pre-Nicene Church authorities portrayed them as simpleminded.   In any event, when May 21st comes and goes, rational men of all persuasions should recognize that the dogma of the Church is founded upon a Pagan fraud that was forced upon Christianity by ruthless despotic rulers who hunted down and murdered the Sons of Light who knew the Truth of all Truths -- the absence of which has inhibited mankind from the final step in man's quest to emerge out of the Dark Ages of the past.

When rightly understood, the blind faith-based believers are merely rowers on opposite sides of the same boat which they share with the Atheists -- neither of whom possess any understanding of the scriptures because they each have thrown away what Jesus portrayed as the Key of Knowledge.   But the true victims and collateral damage in the conflict between blind-believers and blind-unbelievers, is the people who have been deprived of the essential knowledge that lies concealed beneath the coded body of the text of the scriptures.   And when it is recognized that the pseudo-intellectuals on both sides of the equation remain absolutely clueless as to the great source of knowledge that the proper use of the Key opens up and reveals to the user, the countless lives of suffering that the prodigal sons and daughters have endured upon the face of the earth, is all the fault of the prevailing cloak of profound ignorance that has consumed mankind who lacks this essential knowledge that lies hidden away as a lost treasure.   

If the world wants peace, true freedom, equality and prosperity for all people  -- along with the ability to truly Know God by walking with their Heavenly Father in the manner that Adam walked in the proverbial Garden of Eden -- then they must seek out this essential knowledge that has been preserved and left to mankind by the Sons of Light, in order to bring about the proverbial End Times within themselves -- in the manner envisioned by the biblical authors who being themselves wise to the art of war, used the sons of darkness as mules to preserve and protect this essential knowledge that has the power to restore the lost prodigal sons and daughters to the Kingdom which they seek to return to (see Gate Of Eden).    You will know them by their fruit -- and when May 21st comes and goes, it will be proof that what is presented in the eye witness account of  An Inconvenient Truth is the knowledge that exposes the charlatans who hide behind the cloak of ignorance and deception.     

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus

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