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Triangle FreeThought Billboards Serve Will Of God

A group of self described non-theists have begun to put up what they portray as free thought billboards around the Triangle region of North Carolina (see Billboards).  And what they fail to realize is the fact that they are very much a part of the Lord's mission to awaken Christians to open their minds to higher thought and reality -- a higher spiritual reality that the body of faith-based believers have been deprived of, by virtue of the very secular domination of religion that has ruled the Church throughout the past centuries.   And as in most instances of life and human nature, the words of author Colin Wilson are true where he wrote that: "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain" And this is demonstrated conclusively when it is recognized that even when the Truth is proven beyond any doubt -- and the proverbial gate to freedom has been swung open -- the vast majority of people are too fearful of change to step through it.

What these self described non-theists fail to realize is the fact that what is practiced by Christianity today has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings and objectives of the historical man Jesus and the religion known as TheWay.  And for the most part, the dogma of the Church that is practiced today is little more than a series of secular mandates imposed upon Christianity by secular despots -- rendering the religion itself spiritually impotent and flat-lined.   And because the congregation of believers refuse to examine the source of their beliefs, the Lord has raised up many who stand in opposition to these secular mandates -- some of whom are Atheists and non-theists with a series of strong arguments intended to force Christians to think and consider the Church dogma they hold as truth.   And while this reality does not mean that the Atheists are right -- only that neither are they wrong in their arguments they present to the Church.

How can I make such a profound statement?  That Atheists are being used in an important way to serve the Higher Will of God?   While this may appear incomprehensible to many faith-based believers, it is nonetheless true.  It is easily demonstrated that the New Testament authors openly rejected and condemned the present-day doctrines of the Church (see The Lie).   In the article An Inconvenient Truth, it is easily demonstrated that the modern Christians knows absolutely nothing about the true meaning and objectives of the Gospels.  After all, not only did the original disciples and followers of Jesus understand that he was a man who became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) by fulfilling the Law within himself, but it is easily proven that the original Gospels openly stated this fact (see The Ten Words).   That when properly understood, there is absolutely no difference between the spiritual essence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (see The Three Lies).   And while it is easily demonstrated that Science has Proven and Affirmed the mystical vision of the biblical authors (see Science Proves), the fact that true religion is founded upon higher Reason and Factual Truth -- and that this higher Reason is interwoven into the founding documents of the American Constitution, is easily proven and explored on the section of subheading on Deism And The Constitution.

This last section on Deism And The Constitution, is especially important for both Atheists and those who portray themselves as non-theists.   While the United States was founded upon the non-theist Deist Principles of Higher Reasoning and Knowledge of the Laws that control all events and realities of this world -- from which the concept of separation of church and state has emerged -- the Deists made claim to a higher enlightened Reasoning that is recognized by Atheists today.    Which means that while the Atheists are not wrong, in their failure to develop this higher reasoning, neither are they right.    In the allegorical context of the Old Testament an ass is portrayed as having spoken a warning to Balaam (Num 27:27) -- and thus, while it is not feasible for the non-theists to understand the much larger picture of Creation, the fact that the Lord has raised them up to speak an important warning to the Church -- and that their valid warning has been ignored -- means that the sin of the Christians is far greater than the failure of the Atheists to understand more than what the Lord has given them to understand.  And that the Christians are more accountable for their complacency, than the Atheists are in their unbelief, is openly stated in the scriptures (see Fate Of Christians Worse Than That Of The Unbelievers).   But this Truth is never spoken from the pulpits across the Nation.

Brother Of Yeshua 
Copy To: Triangle Freethought Society

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