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Jesus And The Political/Religious Environment Of Truth

Most religious people look for a Messiah who will come and confirm the validity of their religious beliefs, and set up a New World Order where mankind will live in peace.   The Jews expect a Messiah who will confirm them as the Chosen People -- the Christians expect Jesus -- Islam expects a Muslim Messiah who will kill all the Christians and Jews who fail to convert to the worship of Allah.   And what all these Messianic visions have in common, is the fact that they all ignore the paradigm set forth in the parable of the prodigal son -- i.e., that the son must of his own accord return to the Kingdom from which he originally emerged.   And what this means is that (1) this world serves an important purpose in the spiritual evolution of the lost prodigal son; (2) that a true Messiah will come and teach those who have the ears to hear, how to make the return journey in TheWay back to the Kingdom.   

From the perspective of the True Messiah who is rejected by the religions and authorities of this world, such a soul understands that the environment is everything -- i.e., the environment of the body -- the environment of the family -- the environment of the community of believers.   Paul commanded the community of believers not to even sit at the table and have dinner with sinners and the spiritually unclean (see The Folly Of Social Justice).   Quoting the article The Perfect Seed in the parable of the Sower and the Seed: What the parable of the sower dispels is the notion of most Messianic and Christian faith-based believers that it does not matter how we live, once we have received the Word of God in the form of the Gospel message.  This misconception can be compared to a man who desires to plant a vineyard, and having procured the finest seedlings ever developed, attempts to plant these seedlings in a desert.   Regardless of the fact that we possess the most perfect seedlings ever known to man, when we live our lives in the manner of a spiritually barren wasteland, the vineyard that we envision can never manifest and become a reality. In our quest to demonstrate this fact we must ask what the Bible states: In the parable of the sower (Mt 13:1-58; Mk 4:1-20; Lk 8:4-56), Jesus taught that the Word could only be fruitful when it was planted in the proper environment.   The Word that fell upon the ground at the side of The Way, could not become fruitful because Satan takes away what was sown.  And if we pose the question as to where was the seed sown?  The scriptures states "...the word that was sown in their hearts" (Mark 4:15 KJV) -- thus we can see that Satan has the power to alienate us from our own true inner spiritual reality.
Not only is the environment of the body-vessel of the utmost importance, but the first objectives of the disciples in the Book of Acts was to set up the proper environment in the Communities in which the seekers would dwell.   With respect to this necessary environment in our own time, the opening of the American Spirituality segment now reads: By Divine Design, the Laws moved the hearts and minds of men in the creation of the United States which has brought about and manifest what is often portrayed as Exceptionalism in the world today.  And the Spiritual Foundation and Roots of the Nation was brought forth by our Constitutional Framers -- a group of souls that are perhaps best portrayed as The American Gnostics.    Our Nation was conceived in Spirit, and born from the wisdom and efforts of truly advanced spiritual souls who entered the world in the 18th century to create a foundational environment that would permit mankind to aspire to his highest potential in all things -- and especially in the development and manifestation of his latent spirituality.   Thus, this core group of our Constitutional Framers who I portray as American Gnostics, were drawn from the upper echelons of all religious paths -- and especially Christianity which "...they considered true, original Christianity to be the same as this original natural religion" which they embraced -- and they were for the most part called Deists, because of their enlightened understanding of the Laws.   The Encyclopedia defines Deism as: "Deism holds that God does not intervene with the functioning of the natural world in any way, allowing it to run according to the laws of nature that he configured when he created all things. ...Prior to the 17th century the terms ['Deism' and 'Deist'] were used interchangeably with the terms 'theism' and 'theist,' respectively.  ...Both [theists and Deists] asserted belief in one supreme God, the Creator... and agreed that God is personal and distinct from the world. But the theist taught that God remained actively interested in and operative in the world which he had made, whereas the Deist maintained that God endowed the world at creation with self-sustaining and self-acting powers and then abandoned it to the operation of these powers acting as second causes."   
When rightfully understood, what the founding American Gnostics (Deists) understood that the theists did not, is the reality that the Laws of God that were brought into existence and being at Creation, supported and sustained all realities of this world -- that these Laws were never suspended in order to provide one group of men an advantage or special dispensation over other groups of men.   What this means is that the Laws of God are predictable, rational, logical, and are totally uniform in their application in the lives of all of mankind.   Moreover, because these Laws in their higher purpose respond to man's thoughts, desires and actions, they exist in the manner of a Living Bio-Feedback machine that brought about the higher spiritual objectives with which God imbued all of Creation with in the beginning.   What this means is that no one is exempt from the Laws and the Will of God -- no one has an unfair advantage over their brothers and sisters -- that all of mankind has a common destiny that is controlled, orchestrated and brought about by the Laws -- and that there is a higher purpose for all things than what man can envision in his unenlightened state of mind. 
While Christianity should be the environment of spiritual rebirth that enables both Judaism and Islam to rediscover their true spiritual roots, the Paganism infused in the dogma of the Church in the fourth century has inhibited this destiny (see Government Intrusion And Takeover Of Religion).   And it has become virtually impossible for the faith-based Christian believer to understand the great truths that have been presented in the parables, because of the condemnation of important original teachings that were declared heresy by the Roman Emperors who ruled the Church (see The Spiritual Castration Of The Church - The Removal Of The Teachings On The Preexistent Soul).   If it is true that the lost prodigal son at one time dwelt in the Kingdom, and does not remember because he dwells in the "outer darkness" under the control of the Citizen of the Far Country -- and to overcome his own spiritual amnesia and begin to remember his more distant past, he must follow in the footsteps of Jesus by picking up his own cross and travailing in TheWay -- then it can be understood how the modern spiritually disenfranchised Church is throwing away the necessary Constitutional Foundation that was provided by the blood of our forefathers, in the quest to bring about Christian Marxism (see The Folly Of Social Justice).  And while even Pres. Obama has preached his Socialist gospel of Collective Salvation, the only salvation portrayed in the Gospel accounts is when the individual believer/disciple as represented in the lost prodigal son returns to the Kingdom of his own volition.

What is the Truth?   If it is true that both the Gospel teachings and the scriptures were corrupted by Pagan Rome (see The Corruption Of The Church), then the question that each and every Christian must ask: How do I prove what is the Truth?   That is easy -- i.e., create the proper spiritually clean and consecrated environment within your body/mind, your family and community.

Brother of Yeshua

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