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China Copies Church & Roman Emperor – Bans Reincarnation

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

China Copies Church & Roman Emperor - Bans Reincarnation

In the recent article entitled: China Bans Buddhist Monks In Tibet From Reincarnation, author Chris V. Thangham writes: "Dictatorship and totalitarianism at its worst, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission...".   Yet, what Chris fails to mention is the fact that the Communist Chinese are merely copying a play-book right out of the history of the Christian Church.    After all, history has proven that the banning of reincarnation has worked for the Church -- so why not also the Chinese?  

In the case of China, the government reserves the right to choose the next Dali Lama.   In the case of Christianity, the Roman Emperors who ruled over the dogma of the Church demanded that they have the right to dictate to God the fate of all souls when they pass from this life (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors).    That the Emperor Justinian changed the course of the Church in the 6th century has in effect alienated the body of faith-based believers from attaining the spiritual maturity envisioned in the original Gospel teachings, But just as important is the fact that in banning the teachings on the pre-existent soul, Justinian was merely followed in the footsteps of the emperor they call St. Constantine The Great -- who not only ordered the very words spoken by God to mankind be edited and changed (see TheTenWords.com), but required God to revise his relationship with the historical man Jesus in order to accommodate the political agenda of Pagan Rome.   In the foregoing article it is proven that the pre-Nicene teachings portrayed Jesus as a man who became One with the Indwelling Logos (see Logos) -- but Constantine corrupted the Gospels, and forced the Church to recast the historical man Jesus as God Incarnate.

If the folly of China can be portrayed as "Dictatorship and totalitarianism at its worst...", then is the historical example of the Christian Church an example of totalitarian secularized religion at its worst?   And while we can laugh off the ridiculousness of the Chinese, why would the vast majority of modern Christians continue to follow the dictates of Roman Emperors in defiance of the Truth?

As the soul who lived as the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus, I have been sent back into this world throughout every time-period since the beginning of our Common Era, in order to shepherd and guide sincere Christians who were seekers of Truth and TheWay -- even while these same Christians were condemned and hunted down as heretics by the Church of Rome.   Prior to incarnating into this present life, I was told that for the first time I would be able to write openly on a world-wide basis, in order to restore the Original Gospel Teachings for those who sought Truth over man-made emperor-ordained dogma.   And true to the Lord's word and assignment, I have thus far been able to accomplish all that I was sent into this world to bring about.      
The many critics of the Church have absolutely no idea as to the nature and objectives of the original Gospel teachings that were suppressed by Roman secular authority.   The critics imagine that they are opposing the dogma of the Church, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.   What the critics are in fact opposing, is the dogma of Pagan Rome that was forced upon the Church through the power of the secular sword of the Roman Emperors.   Despots who ruled over the religion of Jesus with an iron fist that hunted down the body of Spiritual Christians who refused to accept the religion of the emperor.  

The problem is that it will not work for China, because forced dogma has not worked for Christianity -- simply because man can't dictate truth to God.   Right under the nose of the Church, the original disciples, as well as myself, have been incarnating throughout every period of man's history over the past two thousand years, working to enlighten and guide sincere seekers of Truth into the Inner Kingdom -- teaching the sincere seekers the proper use of the Key of Knowledge that can be used to open the inner "narrow strait gate" that provides entrance to the Kingdom and the Presence of the Son of God.    True to the biblical predictions, only those believers who continued to adhere to the dogma of Roman Emperors, were left behind to follow their body of blind leaders who led them into lives of ignorance and despair.     Sincere seekers of Truth and TheWay, were always guided behind the scenes into the Promise of the Kingdom.   

In the subheading The Third Fatal Mistake, I quote a passage out of the Gospel of John that portrays man's religious plight in a nutshell -- i.e., "If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you" (John 8:31-32 TheMessage).    Those who sincerely followed in TheWay, experienced the Truth for themselves by gaining entrance into the Inner Kingdom where all Truths and Spiritual Mysteries were revealed to them.

The problem is, of course, that you can't have it both ways -- i.e., you can't cling to the dogmatic opium of Roman Emperors, while simultaneously "living out what" Jesus taught to his disciples.    And since neither Communist China or the Roman Emperors who ruled over the Church have the power to impose their man-made dogma on God, it is only the body of blind-faith believers who have suffered the consequences of following secularized religious teachings that disenfranchise the people from The Truth and The Kingdom of God.  And thus, as with elections, choices have consequences.  


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