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Unconstitutional Government Intrusion – Spiritual Intuition – Raw Milk

If I was to say that there is an Intuitive Source of Knowledge that when fully developed and matured, is in fact far superior to the wisdom and assumptions of alleged experts, few people would even understand what I was making reference to.   Why?  Largely because of the failure of the Church to support the true practice of religion in all its spiritual depth, and the Feminists to bring acknowledgment of the innate abilities of women.   In a subheading in the article The Three Lies entitled The Womb Of Mother-Earth - Man And Woman - Transformation And Rebirth, I utilize two quotations in my exploration of the nature and reality of man and woman which demonstrates the natural intuitive powers of mind found in many women that are often lacking in their male counterparts.  As stated in conclusion by the authors of the book Brain Sex:  "Women should contribute their specific female gifts rather than waste their energies in the pursuit of a sort of surrogate masculinity. A woman’s greater imagination can solve intractable problems - be they professional or domestic - at one apparently intuitive stroke."     Yet, it is the failure of the Church to pursue this intuitive domain of women as a spiritual power that is an integral and important element of religion, and the failure of Feminism in pursuit of  "surrogate masculinity" where woman have been subject to the biological lie that they are the same as men.

To no avail the Apostle Paul warned that the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom was beyond the comprehension of organic man in his "natural" state of mind (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   Why?   Among many difficult facts of man's higher reality is that his mind is segmented -- i.e., divided across the spectrum of many dimensions and realms that he does not readily perceive or understand in his organic state of mind.   As an example: When asked, Jesus said that the Kingdom of God will never come upon the earth in the manner that men look for it, because it is "within you" (see http://GateOfEden.com ).   Yet, to their own demise, the reality of the words of Jesus are not at all understood by the faith-based believers.  In like manner, the early Christians who called themselves Orthodox, could not at all comprehend this segmentation of mind, and the fact that there was a difference between the historical man Jesus and the Indwelling Son of God that was often referred to as the True Prophet by the original disciples and followers of Jesus (see True Prophet).   And that man in his organic state of mind was oblivious to the natural segmentation of his own mind -- and totally blind to the Inner Kingdom and the existence of the True Prophet, created the reality that Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness) -- which parallels what is portrayed in the analogy of Plato's Cave (see Cave).    That it is the objective of the original teachings of TheWay to overcome that barrier between this world and the Inner Kingdom, is not at all understood by the modern faith-based believers.

In man's organic state, one of the more advanced powers of mind that naturally belongs to the domain of the feminine, is the intuitive sense -- and it is this innate ability that is more pronounced in the feminine, that can more easily access the inner Intuitive Source on the other side of the barrier of mind that Jesus portrayed as the Outer Darkness within which organic man dwells.  And because of this more pronounced intuitive power of mind, it can be said that much of feminine unrest is caused by the fact that woman more than man exists between two realms -- i.e., this physical world and a higher spiritual reality that she can more easily intuitively access.   And it is through this intuitive sense that she is able to receive impressions from her own higher soul-reality that is not manifest in the body-vessel or this physical world.   But because her male counterpart does not readily possess this more highly developed intuitive sense -- and he tends to think and view the world in a strictly linear perception and mindset -- the institutions that man creates in most instances automatically dismisses this ultra-important dimension of the feminine mindset.

Journalist Allison Bourg wrote an article entitled Got Any Raw Milk?    And in the same vein, The Washington Times ran a story entitled Mothers Crying Over Raw Milk.   But even more important is the question: Should these women be free to exercise their inherent intuitive aspects of mind to receive impressions and knowledge with respect to the manner in which they choose to live their own lives?   And the fact that government bureaucracies and alleged experts dismiss even the higher reality of an Intuitive Source that they do not have access to, from a Constitutional perspective should not in any manner impede the rights of those who choose raw milk over the highly processed milk found in the supermarkets.   In fact, from a Constitutional perspective, the only power that government can legally exercise, is to insure that those who purchase raw milk are not misled into believing that the milk has been processed in accord with government standards.   Unless the government can demonstrate that a person drinking raw milk is harmful to society at large, then they have no legal standing to intervene in the person's life who wants to drink raw milk over its highly processed product that is available in the typical grocery store.

If the Church was a spiritually valid shepherd to the congregation of believers, then the Christian community would be appalled over this blatant denial of Constitutional Rights by the government.   But the Church has been so alienated from the original Gospel teachings of TheWay by the dogma of carnal men, that the substance of the original teachings are simply beyond their comprehension.   When Jesus taught that there was only One Teacher that all his followers must seek out, he was of course making reference to the True Prophet.   To the degree that the Apostle Peter warned not to trust the wisdom and very limited thinking of the people of this world, and seek only to learn from the True Prophet -- stating: "...therefore great care is to be taken, that when the law of God is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind. For there are many sayings in the divine Scriptures which can be drawn to that sense which every one has preconceived for himself; and this ought not to be done. For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without"  (see quotation in The Spiritual Disenfranchisement Of The Mind).  And when the reality of  the  Outer Darkness and Plato's Cave is understood, what the Apostle states with respect to the true meaning of the scriptures (see An Inconvenient Truth), is also true of the whole of the outer world in which mankind presently dwells.

Why raw milk? It is the God-Given Constitutional Right that a Sovereign People possess, to develop and utilize their inherent and innate intuitive facilities of mind, to receive impressions and knowledge from their inner Source with respect to all aspects of the life that they are living.   That the vast majority of men have alienated themselves from this inner source of being -- that the Church has permitted itself to become spiritually disenfranchised because of its reliance upon the dogma of carnal men -- and that modern Feminists have permitted themselves to be alienated from the powers inherent in their own gender -- does not in any measure give bureaucratic government agencies the right to deny informed citizens their God-Given Right to choose and pursue their own destiny.    And when it is realized that the original followers of Jesus were all vegetarians (see http://TheConsecratedLife.com ) -- and that as such, they would reject the government approved highly processed milk which kills all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients -- by imposing undue restrictions upon the people, what the government is doing is imposing restrictions on the very practice of religion which is protected by the First Amendment.   As a Mystic who has made the journey into the Inner Kingdom and been taught in the Presence of the  True Prophet, there was a great deal of discussion on the transformation of the physical in the endeavor to create within one's self what has been called The Final Temple.   And from this Inner Source, the drinking of processed milk was rejected, and only raw milk was deemed satisfactory.

That many people intuitively recognize the benefits of raw milk, is further confirmation of what I already know to be a fact.    Which means that the question then becomes: Must myself and others be forced to deny what I know to be true, merely because some spiritually disenfranchised bureaucrat is oblivious to spiritual sources of knowledge by virtue of their own carnal thinking and mindset?   And is this what we call the land of the free?   Where sovereign citizens choose their own destiny as they are led to pursue that path?    If, as Jesus taught, the purpose of this life was to seek one's destiny in the Inner Kingdom by walking in TheWay, shouldn't each person have the inherent God-Given Right to choose that destiny -- without undo intervention from purely secular authorities who have no part in that spiritual destiny?   Is this America?   Or is it the old Marxist Soviet Union?  Thus, the question that has been set before the people?    One of the modern fallacies that I have explored in the article TheLie is that of the Marxist idea of Collective Salvation (see Sin No More) is a Gospel fraud -- where I demonstrate conclusively why the Deist framers of our Constitution banned government intervention into the religious and private lives of the people (see Deism).   That government has usurped the Constitutional limits and boundaries, is a detriment to the wellbeing of every American today.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus

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