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The Folly Of The Atheists – Myth? Or Allegory? What Is The Difference?

An organization of New Jersey Atheists has inadvertently  demonstrated their own ignorance in a billboad with the message: You Know it's a Myth This Season Celebrate REASON!    In not understanding the difference between a myth and an allegory, the very group of Atheists who promote reason, have totally discredited themselves.

In view of the statement by Paul and the other biblical authors that the higher reality of the soul and the Kingdom is incomprehensible to what the Apostle portrays as the "natural" mind of man (see Mystery Of The Gospel) -- and that understanding and comprehension of man's higher soul and spiritual reality requires a great deal of development and maturity -- then it can be concluded that the Atheists who are responsible for the billboard message, are totally deficient in the reason which they espouse.  While it is true that the original teachings of Jesus did not promote either Christmas or Easter as belonging to the Gospel teachings -- yet, when these traditions are understood for what is presented in the meaning of the allegory, they are of the utmost importance to anyone wishing to bring about the necessary expansion of mind that enables the individual to perceive and comprehend what Paul portrayed as incomprehensible.   And if it is asked why this was not made more clear to the student of the Gospels?  While this human fact of life is made very plain at this link (see Mystery Of The Gospel), it remains ignored.

While it can be stated that the congregation of believing Christians have somewhat of an excuse because the true meaning of the Gospel is simply beyond their comprehension, this same excuse cannot be extended to the Atheist critic who promotes the use of reason in the rejection of these ancient traditions which are anything but a myth -- and very much an allegorical Truth of paramount importance in the life of all of mankind.   Why?  While it is factually asserted that the meaning of the great spiritual truths that are embedded within the allegory are incomprehensible to the "natural" human mind, it is also true that the countless allegories presented in the Gospels cannot bring about their intended expansion of mind which enables the individual to evolve their comprehension to the level where they can begin to understand their own higher soul and spiritual reality, if they fail to exercise these traditions in the physical.   And it is this higher understanding that can only be brought about by following the path of TheWay that is presented in the Gospels, that can bring about a Higher Expression of Reason that is beyond the comprehension of the Atheists who have promoted the folly of this billboard (see All Genuine Religions Are Spiritual/Gnostic).    

What is the alternative to the traditions?  The problem is seen in the fact that there is absolutely nothing in the educational organizations of modern man that even has the potential to bring about the necessary expansion of mind beyond man's human organic level of reasoning.  Where our educational systems remain hell-bent on the objective of programming the child's thinking, it never dawns on the pseudo-intellectuals that if the mind is developed along certain lines, that the child possesses the innate ability to tap into a Source of Knowledge that greatly exceeds all of man's storehouses of worldly knowledge.   And as demonstrated in detail in the article A Spiritual Encounter With The One Teacher And True Prophet, man must become the environment that is biblically portrayed as the "good ground", in order to bring about this necessary expansion of mind that permits the individual to begin to be taught by what the original disciples of Jesus portrayed as the True Prophet.   And while modern Quantum Physics has already proven the validity of the higher reality that the biblical authors have witnessed to mankind (see Science Proves), to their own demise the body of Atheists remain in denial of Proven Truths which they simply refuse to acknowledge -- and the rejection of which, immerse them in a state of profound ignorance.

There comes a point in the development of the soul where the seeker of Truth becomes aware that none of what is presented in the Gospel is historically accurate.   In fact, the authors of the scriptures intentionally inserted historical fabrications and frauds directly into the text of the what is now the Bible, for the express purpose of inhibiting the sincere seeker from believing the literal written text (see Reply To The God Who Wasn't There).  And if we pose the question as to why the biblical authors would intentionally insert untruths and fabrications into the textual body of the scriptures, the question is answered by the Church Father Origen who was portrayed as the prince of Christian learning in the third century, when is explained:  “Scripture contains an unhistorical element in-woven with the history, in order that the worthlessness of the latter may drive us to seek the spiritual meaning” (Origen quoted under Origen Adamntius; The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics).   And while this biblical fact is clearly stated, those Atheist critics who do not possess the adequate reason necessary to comprehend what is clearly and plainly written, are themselves too ignorant to understand.   And while this inability to comprehend the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom is a fact of human life that has plagued mankind from the beginning, the suggestion of the Atheists to abandon these traditions, gives new meaning to their condition of intellectual bankruptcy.    And thus, what we have here is the perfect example of the biblical assertion that the Dead Know Nothing.

Why would the authors of the scriptures intentionally insert historical untruths and fabrications into the scriptures?  While is it demonstrated that it is impossible for man in his human organic condition to comprehend the higher reality of his soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, the various rituals and traditions have the ability to act as a catalyst that connects the individual to his own higher reality that he is not aware of while in the physical body-vessel.    And by consciously engaging these rituals and traditions that have the capacity to act as a catalyst, a path is begun to be opened within the individuals mind and being that connects them to that inner reality which Jesus portrayed as the One Teacher.   And while the Atheist who rejects these allegorical catalysts bring upon themselves a condition that can only be portrayed as mentally and spiritually flat-lined, the epitome of their ignorance is seen in their attempt to coerce others into abandoning the very catalyst-oracles that they need in order to progress beyond the absolute confusion inherent in the organic human condition.   While the biblical authors would have very much liked to speak more openly and plainly -- due to the fact that organic man does not naturally possess the mental resources to comprehend his own higher soul-reality, it would have been impossible to compose the scriptures any differently than what they did.
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