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Letter To WallBuilders – The Constitution From A Deist Perspective

Greetings David Barton:

While I have listened to you countless times on the Glenn Beck program -- and while you and Judge Napolitano are a great asset to those seeking to understand their God-Given Constitutional Rights -- there is an important element to the equation that you are missing.  And while you have an excellent perspective, your positions would be completed if you understood the meaning and purpose of the phrase: "...the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them...", from the original Deist perspective.   And this perspective of the Laws that only Judge Napolitano seems to have a grasp of is so important, that I dedicate three subheading/chapters beginning at Deism And The First Amendment to exploring. 

Once understood from the original perspective, the Constitution truly is a Gift from God that the American people are presently squandering away.   In addition to the foregoing, the subheading entitled Deists, And The Homogenization Factor, and the last subheading entitled Deism - The Laws - And The Two Creation Accounts, contain important facts from the Deist perspective that will strengthen each and every position you are presently presenting to the people you speak to.   You can probably read the three subheading/chapters in about 15 minutes, but it will open whole new doors into the original objectives of the Constitution that is not at all understood by the Secular Progressives.

GodSpeed in TheWay,

Allan Cronshaw

cc:  Judge Andrew Napolitano
       Glenn Beck

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