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An Unpopular Viewpoint About Women by a Woman

I miss the days when it was customary, and freely offered, for men to stand when a lady entered the room. (These days we’re lucky to get the toilet seat put down.) For those of you who have not had this experience, you are missing out on the most phenomenal feeling of being considered very ….very…. special, even by strangers.  You know how we girls are always wishing we were a Princess?  Well, back in the day, we didn’t have to wish because we were treated like this in social situations.

We shouldn’t have let them stop respecting us, ladies. And, we need to be worthy of the respect.

Equal does not mean the same. Women may have gained the equal right to be the CEO of a major corporation while still doing the housework and childrearing, but they thought they had to act like men act in order to accomplish it.  In doing so, women gave up the essence that is the most feminine part of a Daughter of Eve. . . . self-respect. When we gave that up, the guys followed suit and started disrespecting us too. We were no longer the enigma they knew they did not possess, because we now acted like they do.

Everything is a trade off. We wanted their respect in the form of being one of the guys, so we could feel valuable, not respect for us as a woman. God created two genders for brilliant reasons, many of which I am not yet aware. To deny the true essence of who we are as a woman is not only an offense against creation, but an offense against our sisters, and our brothers.

We didn’t have to do it that way. What if we had done it differently ….some option *other* than acting like a man?  What if, instead of trying to *prove* we’re as good as men, we had chosen to prove that a woman’s unique qualities may be different than that of a man, but equally compatible with their world. What if we had used the inner goddess approach, instead of the good ole boy approach?  The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and it takes a female form for a reason. Women were created to be the merciful, the wise, and the intuitive of the species – the perfect counter to the male judgment, understanding, and logic. When all those qualities balance through love, knowledge, and intellect, the result gives new meaning to the concept of being “made in the image of God.”

The younger women do not know what I really mean by my opening sentences. They have grown up in a culture where gender is blurred one into the other. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why we chose to do that to ourselves. We certainly can’t blame this one on the men. We got exactly what we wanted, and worked so very hard for.  The right to act like men. We were so successful at our revolution that we caused our future generations to believe that being a real woman means you do it all.  I wish we had taught them to look inward for true beauty of being the Daughter of God.  There is no higher Princess in all the universe.




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