Clement on Faith and Knowledge

Faith is the foundation; knowledge the superstructure, by knowledge faith is perfected, for to know is more than to believe. Faith is a summary knowledge of urgent truths; knowledge a sure demonstration of what has been received through faith, being itself reared upon faith through the teachings of the Lord. Thus the Gnostic grasps the […]


Starting Over

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A Name, Me?

Since this first post shall form the basis for the rest of this blog, I thought I would begin by returning to my own beginnings, that I can remember, and also walk through the beginnings of this blog, that I can remember. My name is Shohn. Pleased to meet you, dear reader. If this is […]


Is God Worthy?

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I’m surrounded by Communists pretending to be Lib ...

I’ve always believed I lived in a democracy and have been grateful for this blessing.  In my early twenties I was a Rifleman with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada .  Although I was never called upon to … Continue reading


An Unpopular Viewpoint About Women by a Woman

I miss the days when it was customary, and freely offered, for men to stand when a lady entered the room. (These days we’re lucky to get the toilet seat put down.) For those of you who have not had this experience, you are missing out on the most phenomenal feeling of being considered very […]


Up To Now

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