This is an introspective post about some “ahah” moments I’ve had recently, and some tools one may be able to employ as part of seeking knowledge of the self, with the ultimate goal of finding God.

The self that calls it self, Shohn – the author of this post, has things that it likes, and things that it doesn’t like.  Duality. Rock Music  good. Country Music bad. Why ? I have no clue. How about you?

It has been suggested in some esoteric works, that one thing that can help is in coming to know the “true self” is struggling against being mechanical (doing things on auto-pilot) in order to become more aware of one’s self. Dislikes i.e., associations can be used as fodder to struggle against. And in this struggling one can perhaps begin to see who one really is, and so forth, as opposed to the image of one’s self that one has constructed.  From a practical level, learn to like what you don’t like, and then you’ll like it!  Makes sense on some levels, but I wouldn’t suggest rolling around in a tub of grasshoppers or eating coal just because you don’t like it.

Being from Texas, I’ve been exposed to Country Music all my life and could probably sing (am I being honest with myself by calling it singing) somewhat  the words to every country song, yet for whatever reason, most country music just rubs me the wrong way.  I don’t mind old country and perhaps Willie Nelson, but Country Music just bugs me.  I sat out to explore this.

What I found was an insight or two, while possibly drifting a bit from the original goal. Just as people can use the Bible to validate whatever they are saying – in other words, use the Bible as a smoke-screen to conceal some message like “you are going to hell if you don’t like what I have to say”, many of these country songs contain all sorts of wonderful word plays and concepts that also contain “hidden” meanings or say one thing, without actually saying it.

For example, as we read (or listen to) the below song, it is quite obvious to me, that the male singing the below song, Me Neither, is trying to get to know the female that he has set his heart (eyes) on, yet the literal words of the song convey otherwise to those listening to the song. Stated another way, within the song, is a hidden meaning, that is not revealed by the literal text. I thought this might relate on some levels, how the written text of the Bible and other sacred texts, provides a literal text, but contains a hidden allegorical meaning. In a similar way, our very lives can perhaps contain a “hidden” meaning, that we are as yet unable to see – a literal meaning on the surface, our job, house, dog, etc., but another meaning contained within.


Have a look at the word”s to this song to see what I mean:

Me Neither by Brad Paisley

Darlin’ I’ve been standin’ here just watchin’ you all night
And I think I’ve even caught you watchin’ me a couple times
If I don’t ask I’ll never know
This may sound dumb, but here we go
Do you believe in love at first sight

Me neither
I’m glad that we agree
Believe me
That’s a big relief
Well, this place is awful crowded
And this music is so loud
Would you like to go and grab a bite to eat
Me neither

It’s nice to finally meet a girl who doesn’t move too fast
I was only checkin’, that’s the reason that I asked
Relationships need time to grow
You and I should take this slow
And darlin’ tell me, would you like to dance

Me neither
I was just bein’ polite
Thank goodness
My feet are much too tired
I’m sure you’re tired too
I can see an empty booth
Would you like to maybe sit and talk a while
Me neither
We’d never get along
I’m thinkin’ there’s no chemistry at all
This has been a waste of time
And I’m runnin’ outta lines
Don’t you think it’s time for me to end this song
Me neither


Do you think I found the reason why I don’t like country music? Me Neither.

Did I learn to like it some. Yes, I did.