The body has an “energy system” which can be worked with.  Working with  the body’s energy system is important because the more one works with this energy system, the greater one’s abilities are in certain areas.

The following topics walks through my first exposures to working with the body’s energy system in a group and are therefore from a “newbie” perspective. We began with the energy ball,  followed by forming an energy circle, followed by an exercise designed to move the energy inside the body, and lastly my experiences “feeling the energy” after having other parties help raise the energy levels of my body.

The Energy Ball

I’ll spare you the details, and zoom right in on the scene at hand. I was asked to rub my hands together as described in another article about feeling energy. This was an exercise I had done countless times in the past, but apparently there is a difference between being shown and reading a set of instructions. In the past, I could feel a slight tingling in my hands, but nothing like an energy ball or similar as described in some new age circles. The persons I was working with demonstrated and showed me what I was looking for – and finally I found it. It was a distinct feeling of “resistance” that I was pressing against and could mold and shape to some degree – like a big invisible balloon made out of the same material as a thin soap bubble. I would press my hands together and I found an area that was “resistant” to the movement. I was then shown that I could make the ball bigger or smaller – slowly working it like working pizza dough and extending it, or compressing it whenever I “lost the signal”. I felt very clumsy and awkward trying to handle the thing at first, but started to get the knack for it. I then asked if we could play soccer with the energy ball. Lesson over.

The next part was making an energy circle.

The Energy Circle

Using the same/similar techniques used to construct the energy ball, I sat in a circle with the group and we charged our hands again by rubbing them. Then we all sat in a circle and the hands were arranged such that my peer would place his/her hands over mine (not touching) and then the energy would move. The energy moves naturally as part of being in the circle. There is another way to help the energy along.

Butt Squeeze Exercise

The butt squeeze exercise is quite simple. Breathe in and try to squeeze in your nether regions/butt muscles tight as you breathe in. Release the breath and the muscles at the same time.  Try to breathe deeply and squeeze hard at the same time. There is sort of a rhythm you’ll need to find. As you do this, you may find that your back starts getting hot a little and you may (depending on the status of your body) find the energy start to move up your body (up the front).
My  body must still be dirty from years of smoking, so I had people helping me move the energy up – raising my energy. This is where it gets interesting – feeling the energy.

Feeling the Energy

I mentioned feeling a “resistance” earlier as I was playing with the energy balls, but there was something else really interesting. Some persons were trying to help me track down where the blockages may be in my body. Blockages prevent the energy from rising – negating the whole point of all this energy work. As I was experiencing this, I was
keeping my eyes closed, because I didn’t want to be imagining things. At one point I asked: Did you touch me? to the practitioner. No was the response. I kept feeling like someone was touching me. Then I kept my eyes open and felt the same thing – the energy was strong enough to trigger a response in my hands that felt like someone touched me. As
the work continued the same happened for my chest area, my head, etc. I kept feeling like someone had touched me and it was not the case. Later as they began to track down my various bodily problems from being a moron and smoking all those years, one woman passed her hand over my shoulders (without touching). My entire body felt energized and as though something had passed through it – like being shot by a static energy bullet. The woman was able to feel where I had pain in my body and isolated it down to where I felt it internally. She also identified a spot I didn’t know was hurting in my intestinal tract. A man that was working with me had gotten a visual of a small object in
my intestines. I suspect it may be that dime I swallowed when I was 3 years old and never found. We have come full circle.


One difficulty I found was in not knowing what I was looking for at first. I found that some of the things could be related, but I didn’t know what I was missing until I experienced it. The same will probably be the case for you.

Learning by doing, by experiencing, is worth more than book knowledge.

You can’t play soccer with energy balls.