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Does Casual Sex Matter?

This morning I came across an article on CNN entitled No Hooking Up, No Sex For Some Coeds. But the question that should be posed by an intelligent woman, is what is the ramifications of casual sex and hooking up? And while our modern culture which is driven by sex would have you believe that such authorities as Jesus were wrong on the many biblical prohibitions against uncommitted sex, the problem is in fact the ignorance of our modern culture with respect to all issues pertaining to the purpose and ramifications of sex.

In the process of reading the CNN article, I came across a link to the Love & Fidelity Network -- and while it doesn't say that it is Christian based, most of these networks are. While the Christian position for many important reasons would represent the wise choice, the fact that the Church threw away what Jesus called the Key of Knowledge, and can no longer provide those seeking the answers to life a reasonable intellectual response to important questions -- has in fact brought about the hardships and even demise of a great many people. Why does the Bible condemn and reject casual sex? While there exists an important reason that any one of the original disciples and followers of the Gospel teachings could supply as an answer to these questions, these important answers are simply no longer possessed by the modern faith-based Church.

During that time-frame when the Church became institutionalized under Pagan Rome, and the enlightened Christians who knew what the biblical authors portrayed as the knowledge of the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom were hunted down as heretics because they refused to accept the religion of the (Roman) emperor, people were expected and even required to adhere to Church dogma on the basis of blind faith. If the clergy of the Church said and pronounced a certain teaching, the congregation was required to believe and accept their teachings, all without question. But as men and women began to break free of totalitarian religion, the many edicts which were supported by an often superstitious clergy and Church, were very quickly rejected. If the Church could not intellectually support a doctrinal position -- and expected the people to adhere on the basis of blind faith -- then the Churches position was very quickly abandoned and thrown away by our modern intellectuals who were teaching our children. Yet, the problem was not at all that the Bible was wrong -- but just the opposite was in fact true. But the problem was seen in the fact that because the Church had embraced the doctrines of the (Roman) emperors -- had themselves thrown away the Key of Knowledge -- and in the profound ignorance of the clergy, demanded blind faith and trust in the decrees of the clergy -- the Church could no longer intellectually support the spiritual objectives and tenets of the primary Gospel teachings. The result was that the very forces which opposed both God and religion, very quickly prevailed against the Church -- a Church that had itself lost it's spiritual roots and core essence.

Mankind is on the verge of an era where because the Church can no longer support the spiritual teachings and concepts of the Gospels, modern science has instead begun to prove the validity of these teachings and concepts that the Christian world threw away. The problem is that the Atheist mindset which clings to the holy grail of Darwinism, has successfully suppressed the finding of modern quantum physics for so long, that a new type of secular-theological junk science has prevailed against all reason and knowledge that has the power to enlighten modern man. And while it is easily demonstrated that quantum physics has proven the vision of the Mystics and biblical authors to be true (see Science Proves Religion), the Churches which have promoted blind faith in the dogma of men for so long, have yet to reacquire the knowledge that was thrown away. And while the statistics demonstrate that as many as 75% of the college coeds have engaged in "hooking up" with sometimes virtual strangers (see No Hooking Up, No Sex For Some Coeds ), none of the people and groups that are attempting to encourage others to abandon this amoral lifestyle, can provide a reasonable intellectual answer in opposition to engaging in the practice of hooking up. After all, it is explained, it is only sex. So why did Jesus not only support the biblical prohibition against sex outside of marriage -- but further warned that even looking at a woman with lust, constituted adultery?

While the original disciples and followers of the Gospel teachings could have easily provided an intellectual answer that would have caused a great number of modern coeds to reject casual sex, the Church of blind faith which has become spiritually disenfranchised from its core roots, remains at a total loss to explain what most people today consider the out-modeled cultural ideas of the scriptures and religion itself. Yet, it isn't until one begins to understand the threefold process of birth -- and the fact that having been physically born into this world, that man and woman is very much imbued with only the potential of entering into what Jesus called Life -- and that holographically, man and woman exist presently in the form of what can be called a Cosmic Ovum And Sperm -- does the harsh reality of hooking up become apparent.

In an older article written many years ago entitled Lilith, The Demonic Reality of the Modern Feminist Movement, a vast number of facts are presented that support the Cosmic Ovum And Sperm reality that very quickly supplies all the intellectual facts that the modern Church can't provide an answer to. There exists an important reason why Jesus and the Gospels reject the modern casual sex and culturally amoral lifestyle. And not to know why, is synonymous with walking blindfolded into heavy traffic -- jumping out of a plane without a parachute -- or swimming in a heavily shark infested water with an open cut oozing out blood. And while the Atheist in denial, and the modern pseudo-intellectual who rejects the Gospel teachings will not like the scientific and spiritual facts that are explored and presented, their folly will in no manner negate the truths that are presented in great detail. In fact, it can be asserted that, not to make a young girl or boy aware of the facts before permitting them to be seduced by the constant display of sexual imagery throughout every aspect of our modern hedonist culture, should be considered parental and educational neglect. The intelligent exercise of Choice requires an informed mind that is able to analyze the consequences and results of one's actions. Informed Choice means just that -- and without the knowledge of the results of one's actions, even the use of the word choice is counterfeit. At the above links, nothing is left to faith or opinion -- and what is presented is the fruit of experiential knowledge that can be confirmed by those desiring to seek the answers to life's greatest questions.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus

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