Is God Worthy?

Think about that.

Who sets the standard for God? By what yardstick is that standard measured?

Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipresent and all Powerful, right? Knows the end in the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega, right? Just, Merciful and Loving, yet at the same time jealous and vengeful, right?

Somehow these concepts have deteriorated into a human vision of an old man with a long beard sitting on a throne. In one hand he holds lightning bolts and in the other olive branches. If what we do pleases Him, we get a branch, if not we get a bolt.

This has been fostered by centuries of man-made interpretations as to the nature of our Creator. These man made interpretations have, in fact, spawned the “God Is Dead” movement of the sixties and early seventies and thrust the atheist and agnostic viewpoints into the spotlight. Additionally, the New Age movement stems from the failure of organized religion as well.

For those of you that are actively involved in a denomination, is it not obvious that all of these faiths ultimately think the others are wrong? Lutheran, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopalian, Holiness, Church of God…and for that matter, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic. Is it not fact that, in all of history, more human blood has been spilled over conflicting religious viewpoint than any other reason? All because humans decided God was on their side more than someone else’s.

Each and every sword raised in the name of any Church, has been raised because of an image of God created by men. Such an image, a Demiurge, and can be loosely defined as “man’s attempt to create God in his image”, rather than the other way around.

Believing that the Demiurge is God is unworthy. Holding beliefs that cause our Creator to sink to the level of the simplest of human understanding is unworthy. Believing that our Creator is egomaniacal enough to create us “in His image”, just so we can worship him, is unworthy.

If any of these things are true of God, then I submit He IS unworthy.

The Divine standard is perfection and perfection only. The standard is that all of what we see and experience is part and parcel of the Divine Plan. That nothing happens that is against that plan. Nothing means nothing…..ZIPPO, ZERO, NADA!!!!….earthquakes, tsunamis, The Holocaust…….NOTHING!! Everything we experience falls within the Divine plan, or there is no Divine Plan!!

If the Creator is not perfect, if he can be tricked or fooled, if he is a bully with lightning bolts, if he is an egomaniac, then I submit that such a Being is not worthy, and that being more powerful is not a reason for you or anyone else worship or to seek His Presence.

We must all come to terms with and establish a core belief system that throws out all beliefs about the Divine that are unworthy. This means we must find truth in what seems to be horrific. We must, in fact, try to think like an Infinite, Perfectly Spiritual Being. If it is true that “his ways are not our ways”, then we must strive, with all we are, to discover His ways and bring them into our life experience in every thought, word and deed.

If we do not, it is not God who is unworthy, it is us. As for me, it is great that he is all Forgiving, as well.

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